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What if it were your horse?

Everything we do, we do for one very simple reason: We love horses.

We are convinced that you can run a good business AND always have the well-being of the horse as a guiding principle.

Therefore, with every decision we make, every action we take, we ask ourselves: What would we do if it were our horse?

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Training & Competitions

Year after year, our customers keep entrusting us with their horses.


Many of our horses have been with us since day one and are now internationally placed in the S-classes.


By working with Germany's top trainers such as Oliver Oelrich, Jonny Hilberath and others, we do our best to optimally bring out the potential of every horse.

Stallions & Mares

The first weeks and months are often the most important ones. Either you set the course for further training, or you spend the next few years correcting your mistakes.


With our team we have the experience and the competence to prepare your horse from day one. We are your contact for auctions, licensing, saddle licensing and mare performance tests.


Talk to us and we will determine together what the best course of action is for your horse.




Every year we sell a handful of carefully trained horses.


Usually our horses have been with us for a while, we know them inside out and try to find the right match with the rider.

Instead of posting videos here, we prefer to talk to you personally and get a feel for what you are looking for. Please get in touch with us.

What others are saying...



The Oldenburg Saddle Licensing was conceived to test stallions for their main task, their suitability as riding horses, before they are approved for breeding. The relevance of this form of licensing was perfectly reflected in the radiant Champion Stallion...Rather inconspicuous in hand, this Bordeaux son revealed his entire potential under the saddle of auction rider David Taylor."

“Our Champion Stallion made his big entrance  while being ridden. He was by far the best stallion under saddle and extremely rideable, fully in charge and absolutely sovereign at every moment.”

Dr. Wolfgang Schulze-Schleppinghoff, Breeding Director, Oldenburg Horse Center


“Saddle licensing is all about the potential under the saddle. This year’s stallion champion once again had by far the highest notes in rideability by both test riders.

This is the second year in a row that such a result comes from the training of David Taylor".

Dr. Wolfgang Schulze-Schleppinghoff, Breeding Director, Oldenburg Horse Center


Verden International is the stage for the young Hanoverian top talents. The champions of riding, dressage and show jumping horses are determined. It is not uncommon for the stars of tomorrow to celebrate their first successes on the grounds of the Hanoverian Association.

The Hanoverian champion of four-year-old mares and geldings was the Dimaggio / Benetton Dream daughter Diamond Lady (breeder: Axel Windeler, Verden-Walle), who was presented by David Taylor with sensitivity and precision.

Hannoveraner Verband, 2018

Wir haben Respekt! Ein Secret Sohn der sich mit sehr gutem Schluss von hinten, schwingend, losgelassen, über den Rücken präsentierte...die Rittigkeit, und hier wollen wir auch die Ausbildung erwähnen zeigt sich in wirklich ausgesprochen hervorragender Qualität. Gratulation an den Ausbilder.

Die Leistungsbereitschaft dieses qualitätsvollen Pferdes ist zu jeder Zeit da, er wirkt einfach mühelos, mit viel Ausstrahlung und Harmonie unter dem Reiter.

Körkomission Oldenburger Sattelkörung, 2022

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